Selection Of The Species

From the Guide, 
“The following topics should be considered in the preparation of the protocol by the researcher and its review by the IACUC:

rationale and purpose of the proposed use of animalsa clear and concise sequential description of the procedures involving the use of animals that is easily understood by all members of the committeeavailability or appropriateness of the use of less invasive procedures, other species, isolated organ preparation, cell or tissue culture, or computer simulation (see Appendix A, Alternatives)”justification of the species and number of animals proposed; whenever possible, the number of animals and experimental group sizes should be statistically justified . . . the U.S. Government Principles For The Utilization And Care Of Vertebrate Animals Used In Testing, Research, And Training: 
“III. The animals selected for a procedure should be of an appropriate species and quality and the minimum number required to obtain valid results. Methods such as mathematical models, computer simulation, and in vitro biological systems should be considered.”