Short Instructions On Using The ALTBIB Site

Short instructions on using the ALTBIB site:

1. Type search terms in box (i.e., ‘tumor and mice’)

2. Mark the PubMed option under the search box and mark the ‘2000-to present.’ Do not mark the ‘Animal use alternatives’.

3. Click on search.

4. The search will be performed by combining the terms added in the box (e.g., tumor and mice) with a lengthy list of ‘animal alternatives’ terms, thus facilitating the task of applying appropriate terms.

5. A new PubMed window will open, displaying the search results.

6. To document your search, it is highly recommended that you print the hits with abstracts to document that you did the search, or save the hits as an HTML or other file.

7. If you receive too many or too few hits, return to ALTBIB to expand or narrow the search.

8. There are also very convenient pre-formatted searches (e.g., ‘transgenic mouse model’) near the bottom of the page.