Multiple Major Survival Surgeries – The Guide And USDA AWA Regulations And Standards, Section 2.31

From the Guide,

“Regardless of classification, multiple surgical procedures on a single animal should be evaluated to determine their impact on the animal’s wellbeing. Multiple major surgical procedures on a single animal are acceptable only if they are (1) included in and essential components of a single research project or protocol, (2) scientifically justified by the investigator, or (3) necessary for clinical reasons. Conservation of scarce animal resources may justify the conduct of multiple major surgeries on a single animal, but the application of such a practice on a single animal used in separate protocols is discouraged and should be reviewed critically by the IACUC.”


From the USDA AWA Regulations and Standards, Section 2.31:

“No animal will be used in more than one major operative procedure from which it is allowed to recover, unless:Justified for scientific reasons by the principal investigator, in writing;Required as routine veterinary procedure or to protect the health or well-being of the animal as determined by the attending veterinarian; orIn other special circumstances as determined by the Administrator on an individual basis. Written requests and supporting data should be sent to the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Animal Care, 4700 River Road, Unit 84, Riverdale, Maryland 20737-1234…”