PHS Policy : Occupational Health And Safety Program For Employees

From PHS Policy:

“The Assurance shall fully describe the institution’s program for the care and use of animals in PHS-conducted or supported activities. The PHS requires institutions to use the Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (Guide) as a basis for developing and implementing an institutional program for activities involving animals. The program description must include the following:

… f. the health program for personnel who work in laboratory animal facilities or have frequent contact with animals;


From the Guide,

“Each institution must establish and maintain an occupational health and safety program (OHSP) as an essential part of the overall Program of animal care and use (CFR 1984a,b,c; DHHS 2009; PHS 2002). The OHSP must be consistent with federal, state, and local regulations and should focus on maintaining a safe and healthy workplace (Gonder 2002; Newcomer 2002; OSHA 1998a). The nature of the OHSP will depend on the facility, research activities, hazards, and animal species involved. The National Research Council’s publication Occupational Health and Safety in the Care and Use of Research Animals (NRC 1997) contains guidelines and references for establishing and maintaining an effective, comprehensive OHSP (also see Appendix A). An effective OHSP requires coordination between the research program (as represented by the investigator), the animal care and use Program (as represented by the AV, IO, and IACUC), the environmental health and safety program, occupational health services, and administration (e.g., human resources, finance, and facility maintenance personnel). Establishment of a safety committee may facilitate communication and promote ongoing evaluation of health and safety in the workplace. In some cases there is a regulatory requirement for such a committee. Operational and day-to-day responsibility for safety in the workplace resides with the laboratory or facility supervisor (e.g., principal investigator, facility director, or a staff veterinarian) and depends on safe work practices by all employees.”