PHS Guidance Language On Compensating The NAM

From: OLAW Staff. The Public Health Service Responds to Commonly Asked Questions. ILAR News 33(4):68-70, Fall, 1991:

“4. Is it permissible under PHS Policy to reimburse the nonaffiliated member of the IACUC?

Meeting fully the letter and spirit of the PHS Policy (and USDA regulations) requires that the nonaffiliated IACUC member be completely disinterested in the institution’s profit or benefit from proposed activities that involve animals. While in the vast majority of instances effective nonaffiliated IACUC members may be willing to serve without reimbursement, in other instances remuneration may allow for participation by effective individuals that would not otherwise be possible. Both OPRR and USDA maintain that nominal compensation is permissible without jeopardizing a member’s nonaffiliated status, if it is only in conjunction with service on the IACUC. The level of reimbursement varies from payment of travel and related expenses, such as parking and meals, to modest monetary payments for participation in this capacity. The dollar amount of compensation, if any, should not be so substantial as to be considered an important source of income or to influence voting on the IACUC.

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